Monday 9th July

Open Space workshops continue. with different combinations of discussion groups spread around the grounds of the Manor House. Some prefer the sun, some prefer the shade.

Here Ania Danilewicz explains some of the ideas behind the exercises. View video here >>> 

The different combinations of groups worked on their ideas and reports, which were then printed and distributed to everyone over lunch.

The  group as a whole reconvened to comment on the reports and Jean Pierre explained the next tasks. View a short video here of the process here >>

Here’s a visual example of what one group presented back – exploring the question “Generation Gap? Leadership in the age diverse (cultural) organisations”.

For the evening presentation, Jean Pierre presented a lecture “Crisis, What Crisis?”, offering his anaylsis of the current European situation in a globalised marketplace, and suggesting ways in which culture in the wider Europe had a crucial role to play in development and resistance. Russian translation of this session was undertaken by Aliaksandr Antsipenka.


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