Thursday 5th July

Aliaksandr Antsipenka from the Belarusian Collegium took a moment to reflect on the first day of activities… >>> View short video here at the Borderland Youtube channel.

Magda Novakovska from Tbilisi, Georgia and Chris Baldwin share some thoughts on activities so far… >>> View short video here at the Borderland Youtube channel.

Some brief thoughts on cultural animation from one of the workshops… >>> View the short video here at the Borderland Youtube channel...

During sessions there has been much discussion of the need to (and the importance of) document(ing) this kind of work. We’d like to point you in the direction of two publications (not so recent, but useful background). The first is a series of essays and reflections on practice produced by Instytut Kultury Polskiej at Warsaw University. Download the pdf of ‘Animacja Kultury – Doswiadcenie i Przyszlosc’ here – anim-pol.pdf (Polish only)  – and you can find another pdf (Polish and English) called ‘Culture Animation NOW! / TERAZ! Animacja kultury’  at Hope you find them useful reference.

Two workshop groups are working today, one with Krzysztof Czyzewski, conducted in Russian and English, and one with Chris Baldwin conducted in English with occasional translations when required.

Here’s a brief extract from the discussions with Krzysztof. View video here >>> Workshop of the Borderland

And here’s an extract from the workshop with Chris. View video here >>> Workshop of the animator

Later in the evening, there was a presentation by Bożena Szroeder of the philosophy behind her work with young people and how she had come to Sejny. This was followed by a performance of the Sejny Chronicles project.

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