Saturday 7th July

Temperatures are soaring at Krasnogruda, and workshops relocate to the cooler basement. The workshop of the animator concluded today with several creative multi-language presentations of the project ideas the different groups have been working on, and discussions about how these ideas might be realised through partnerships and networks.

Here’s a clip from some of the basement discussions. It was bit dark down there, but this gives you a sense of the ideas being shared in relation to the above image. View video clip here >>>

As one example, we were treated to a proposal (from Ukraine group) about creating a project which took the topic of ‘love’, based on a particular (local) story of tragic lovers. The concept of this project was demonstrated by a guided walk from the Manor House down to the lakeside (as seen in some of the photos in the above gallery), with various points where the different elements of the idea were demonstrated – ie: to create a new statue in public space, along with a wedding shrine, an exhibition of wedding photographs and family history in a local gallery, even a special space to leave letters to your first love…

Another group created a jigsaw to represent the idea of a city space and explore the idea of sense of place. In this clip Natalya Kryvorychko explains to Kostas Georgakopulos the basic idea. Watch the video clip here >>>

In this clip they enact the idea with a group. Watch the video clip here >>>

In the evening the group from Belarus used the web to give participants a brief guide to the culture of their country, with film, music, animations, poetry.

Here’s some useful web links with regard to this presentation from Maxim Sarychau:
Lyapis Trubetskoi /

PortMone /

Troitsa /

The Toobes /

Photography – Andrei Liankevich

Art – Vladimir Tsesler

Poetry – Vera Jybul

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