Friday 6th July

Two groups continue to work with our facilitators. The first group, with Chris Baldwin, have been considering the overarching aims of cultural projects, the types of competences and leadership skills required. Working in smaller teams the group were asked to devise a common project and then to express this to the wider group in a creative way. For example, one group came up with the idea of asking other groups to interpret a traditional Georgian folk tale, using photographs, or a song, or drama, or even found objects and drawing. View a short clip of the group coming up with the idea here >>>

Then watch their introduction to the task here >>>

You can view the one off theatre response to that task here >>>

The second group with Krzysztof, many of whom work with NGO’s and in local government organisations in Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia, have been considering the types of cultural strategies required to develop civic society and extend opportunities to participate in the making and shaping of culture, based on existing initiatives such as festivals.

Listen to a summary of this workshop by Levan Khetaguri, Director of the Arts Research Institute of from Ilia State University, Georgia. View video here >>>

Some participants have been tasked with recording a few thoughts at the end of these sessions. Here’s comments from Magda Novakovska, Dzmitry Mitskevich and Aliaksandr Antsipenka. View video here >>

In the evening, our group from Ukraine prepared a special celebration to share for the Feast of St. John (which falls on this day in their calendar). View a short video clip here:

The feasting ceremony culminates when the garlands woven individually and as a group are carried down and cast into the lake. View a video clip here: or look at some of the photos collected on the evening.

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