Information materials

Here’s some background reading from our workshop leaders.

Chris Keulemans shares his article describing De Tolhuistuin cultural centre in Amsterdam, and suggests Three inspirational animators here…

Willemijn Lamp gives us some background information on the Read My World literature festival in Read My World. why and how…

Krzysztof Czyżewski offers some background to the establishment of Borderland in his essay on Odd-believers, some thoughts on the cultural of Culture of Coexistance, and the idea of the Eastern Partnership as a Cultural Project...


Dear Participants,

We are sending you a few texts that you could usefully read before the BSS or after, if you prefer.

The first is the introduction of Julia Rowntree book: “Changing the Performance, a companion guide to arts, business and civic engagement” published by Routledge (London).

The second is “Mobility of Imagination, a companion guide to international cooperation” by Dragan Klaic. Herewith you will find the chapter “Developing a collaborative cross-border project”.

Last but not least, in the frame of the topic of Participatory Approaches, we chose for you “The Role of Community Radio in Livelihood Improvement: The Case of Simli Radio”, which shows that very local cultural experiment have this strong “act local, think global” which is useful for every open minded cultural operator:

- Jean Pierre and Ania