Summer School

krasno1The Summer School of Dialogue takes place at the International Centre of Dialogue, in the renewed Krasnogruda manor house, situated just at the Polish-Lithuanian border, close to Sejny, which has long been connected to the Miłosz family.

The Summer School of Dialogue is a unique school – on a European scale – training leaders of integrative activities in multicultural communities who will obtain here both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the domain of conducting a dialogue between social groups, religions and nations.

It brings together a diverse group of individuals – artists, anthropologists, cultural entrepreneurs, managers of NGO’s – for an intensive week of workshops and presentations to learn from each other, to be inspired by each other and to build supportive networks.

The basic intention of the Summer School of Dialogue is education of the animators of dialogue in the region of the Caucasus and Central Asia, Belarus, Ukraine and Poland, supporting long-term artistic and educational ventures in multicultural communities, assistance at the creation of centres for intercultural practices and cooperation at the building of trans-regional network of partnership in the intercultural dialogue in Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine and Poland.