The Summer School of Dialogue, Krasnogruda, Poland

The Summer School of Dialogue is a unique school – on a European scale – training leaders of integrative activities in multicultural communities who will obtain here both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the domain of conducting a dialogue between social groups, religions and nations. The Summer School of Dialogue is a modern workshop of the philosophy of dialogue bound with the development and popularization of the craft of “bridge building”. The School creates its own methodology of understanding of “intercultural competence” and formulating a new reflection in the sphere of the intercultural dialogue. The first summer school was held in July 2012, the second in 2013.

The basic intention of the Summer School of Dialogue is education of the animators of dialogue in the region of the Caucasus and Central Asia, Belarus, Ukraine and Poland, supporting long-term artistic and educational ventures in multicultural communities, assistance at the creation of centres for intercultural practices and cooperation at the building of trans-regional network of partnership in the intercultural dialogue in Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine and Poland.

The second edition of the summer school invited candidates to propose a project, which was then critiqued and developed over a 10 day period with our experts. Follow up workshops were then held in Minsk, Tbilisi and Lviv, after which candidates were invited to submit their project proposal for funding. Successful projects were then delivered in the summer of 2014 – the progress of these can be followed on this blog.

Forms of activities – Workshops
The task of the workshops, led by international experts is to introduce the participants to existing experiences and methodologies of intercultural work and to provide them with reliable tools for undertaking such work.

The programme of the workshops takes three basic modules:

  • LEADER workshop: organisation and management of an institution; establishing a network of partner contacts; fundraising, preparation of project proposals; strategic and long-term planning
  • ANIMATOR workshop: forms and methods of intercultural practices; local determinants of intercultural work; presentation of best practices in the field of art, education, social dialogue.
  • BORDERLAND workshop: encouraging new reflection on modern commonality ethos and new modalities of practicing dialogue for social integration.

Additional activities

  • Guest lectures led by renowned experts and researchers (Timothy SnyderMarci Shore)
  • Digital documentation workshops led by Brendan Jackson - an artist and developer of community arts programmes. He has undertaken significant projects in the museums and heritage sector, working recently with both Glasgow Museums and Leicestershire Museums Services. He has produced a wide range of projects involving local communities, using photography, film, visual arts, oral history, writing and new media.
  • Artistic events
  • Participants’ presentations.

Host and venue:

The Borderland Foundation is among the most recognised and experienced Central-European non-governmental organizations dealing with art and education for intercultural dialogue. Since the early 1990’s, it has been conducting cultural, educational and artistic activities with the local community. Its own workshop of integrative practices is based on many years’ experience of daily work in the concrete place embracing one whole community, starting from the youngest to the oldest. The mission of the Borderland Fundation is to explore and popularise modern practices of the intercultural dialogue based on the symbiosis of art and education.

IMG_9264The International Centre for Dialogue in Krasnogruda created by Borderland Foundation is located on the border between Poland and Lithuania in the near vicinity of Kaliningrad and Belarus. It is situated in a newly rebuilt manor house which before the war belonged to the family of Czeslaw Milosz.

Using many years of experience that Borderland Foundation gathered working on different borderlands, the Centre aims to initiate and expand a movement of people committed to the promotion of a modern ethos of commonality and education of new cultural leaders in the field of intercultural practices bridge builders for whom intercultural competences and related crafts will be a life profession.

Documentation of the Borderland Summer School with participants is facilitated by Brendan Jackson (Laundry, UK).


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