Summer School of Dialogue 2013

The Borderland School project is starting is one week…
The Borderland School is a cycle of seminars and workshops for the local civil society leaders (journalists, cultural animators, intellectuals, teachers, members of cultural organizations, associations etc.)  from Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia. It will take place in the International Centre for Dialogue in Krasnogruda, Poland and in the partner states. During these events the participants will: acquire practical knowledge and skills in managing cultural and educational projects; familiarize themselves with good practices in community leadership and civic action; discuss the importance of border-crossing and dialogue for social integration process and democratic structures building in diverse local communities (by drawing on the experience of the Borderland Foundation and invited experts). The key element of the project is that the beneficiaries will have the opportunity to practically implement the acquired knowledge and skills by conducting small projects in their local communities.

This first stage of the project – the Summer School of Dialogue – will take place at the International Centre for Dialogue in Krasnogruda between 1st and 8th of August. Download the pdf of the programme of activity here…

The main founder of the Borderland School project is Solidarity Fund.
Partners and co-funders of Summer School of Dialogue are also: Narodowe Centrum Kultury and Wschód Kultury.

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