Summer School of Dialogue 2012 – archived

The first Summer School of Dialogue took place July 4th -10th, 2012, in Sejny and Krasnogruda, in the Podlaskie region of north eastern Poland, with a wide range of participants from Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, Poland. Thirty six participants, four workshop leaders, two facilitators of documentation – all working together for seven intense days in three languages, mainly based at the International Centre for Dialogue – over 70 hours of activities, presentations, discussions and sharing of practice.

The 2012 workshop leaders were Chris Baldwin (UK), Krzysztof Czyżewski (Borderland Foundation, Poland), Jean Pierre Deru (Association Marcel Hicter, Belgium) and Anna Danilewicz (Poland). Documentation was facilitated by Brendan Jackson (Laundry, UK) and Marcin Pawlukiewicz (Borderland Foundation, Poland).

The group leaders were Levan Khetaguri, Olexandr Butsenko and Ales Antsipenka.

In the posts below you’ll find our documentation of the week, as they were added day by day. We hope this gives you a useful insight into the summer school.

You can find a summary of the evaluation undertaken by participants here (in English) compiled by Anna Danilewicz. You can view the original evaluation questions here in English language and here in Russian language.

Also, here are some reflections from members of the Ukraine group (in Russian) at this site:


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