Tuesday 10th July

Resistance Leadership

In his introduction to this session, Jean Pierre spoke of how cultural workers can operate in resisting the status quo and in developing strategies to change society. He called upon three individuals to speak of their personal experiences in dealing with the changes in their societies in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Presentations were then made by:

Oleksandr Butsenko
Democracy through Culture Development Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine

www.culturalpolicies.net and www.model21.in.ua/

Ales Antisipenka, Head of  Belarusian Collegium

Levan Khetaguri, Director of The Arts Research Institute, Ilia State University.

View an extract from Levan’s presentation here >>> http://youtu.be/B_MXkmeegZY

Following these round table presentations, and consequent discussions and questions, participants undertook evaluation of the previous days activities.


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