Dzestra talks: No 9


The ninth lecture of took place on the 3rd November at the National German house. The lecturer Maxym Demskyi is an actor, a screenwriter and a director. In May this year he’s became the director of the Gogolfest - an international art festival held in Kyiv every autumn. Before that he has worked on TV, performed in a cultural centre “Dakh” (“The Roof”) as an actor and has been a movie scene manager on Gogolfest.

Maxym has a very unconventional vision of Ukrainian culture in global context, which he shared in his speech “Ideology of a place, a city, a country”. He has evidently shown how miscomprehension of culture on the lowest levels of the Ukrainian institutional body influences its outcomes on the international stage. Maxym told about his experience of cooperation with legal bodies in culture field and shared his insights on how to make it easier for activists.

There were approximately 40 people present at the lecture. A lot of them shared the opinion that this lecture was the best one during ‘Dzestra talks’. They were impressed and inspired by the lecturer and his speech very much.

After the lecture we had a wrap-up meeting and a presentation for the end of project. Around 20 people were present. We granted our appreciations to our volunteers and friendly organisations and also presented an urban game for the reorganisation not public places.

You can view his presentation here:

Finally, here are some photos with urban game (stickers). The point of the game is that you can stick these ‘frames’ to any wall in Chernivtsi and write down what would you like to see here instead of what you see now. This way we invite local citizens to have a critical approach to what they see in the city rather than take it for granted. For instance, on the photos we have stickers that state ‘modern art gallery’ instead of the ‘abandoned artist union studio’ or ‘FM-cinema’ on one of the city’s squares…


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