Dzestra talks: No 7

DovzhenkoThe seventh lecture of the series of ‘Dzestra Talks’ took place on the 4th of October at the museum hall of Georg Drozdovskij at the National German house on Kobylianska street. The manager of the hall was very cooperative and eager to help us, so he provided us with the premises without any problems.

The lecturer Otar Dovzhenko was born in Dnipropetrovsk but now lives and works in Lviv. He is a well-known journalist and media expert, who now works at Ukrainian Catholic University, Master’s Program in Journalism.

Otar presented the current situation on the media market in Ukraine. He said that most of the big media projects need regular investitions and don’t bring any profit to their owners. On contrary, they are mostly used as an instrument of ideological wars between mediaowners. This creates a consumer-hungry media environment, which doesn’t consider media standards to be sufficient for a profession. In this oppressive situation young journalists are being forced to lower their ambitions and adapt to the circumstances. At the end of his presentation there was a¬†discussion which questioned whether the free market or a subsidised system would be more healthy for Ukrainian media.

There were approximately 25 people present at the lecture, several of them were local journalists and youth activists.

Here’s a record of the talk – in Ukrainian.

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