Pidzamche Neighborhood Festival

After four months of preparation, the First Pidzamche Neighborhood Festival finally happened. It started in the evening of September 5th with the pre-festival film screening prepared by our invited partners from Minsk – Cinema Perpetuum Mobile (CMP). Lina Medvedeva and Andrey Kalenik, the representatives of the CPM, arrived to Lviv to open the screening and take part in the festival activities. The CPM brought to Lviv feature, documentary and animated short films specially selected for the Pidzamche Neighbourhood Festival. As one can probably guess, the main topic of the screening was neighbourship and collaboration. It was a good place to start conversation on the topic…

photo 1
Andrey and Lina presenting the Cinema Perpetuum Mobile at the pre-festival screening

And here we are, September 6th, the first day of the First Pidzamche Neighborhood Festival began early for local residents. Together with volunteers they appeared at the school yard in the morning to arrange the location for the festival.

photo 2
Volunteers setting D.I.Y. banner on the stage.

photo 3
Olha and local girls looking for the right place for paper fish (which were made during Pidzamche Children Art Camp in June).

photo 4
Maria, local activist, fixing photo exhibition. Exhibited photos cover all stages of four months preparation for the Festival.

photo 5
Volunteers on the way to the festival entrance with sign board saying “Neighbourhood” and “Festival”.

photo 6
Weronika and Agnieszka preparing an interactive installation as invited artists.

All together we decided how to make clear navigation at the spot, where to install photo exhibition, where to put D.I.Y. banner of the festival and many other small important things. The festival was opened at 3pm and went on until the evening, with a music concert.

photo 7.1
At 3 pm the Festival was officially open with short speeches by Iota Initiative, the school principal and greeting song by local children music club. Then it was time for different workshops.

photo 7
Imaginary maps of Pidzamche which were drawn during the first meeting with local residents in June.

photo 8
Creative reading for children.

photo 11
Origami workshop: everyone could make a paper bird for the one big garland.

photo 9
Screen-printing workshop: around one hundred of Pidzamche residents got their t-shirts decorated with the district logo. So, we hope local identity and community ties were strengthened by visual signs as well.

photo 10
Aikido workshop for all ages.

photo 12
Garage sale or Neighbours exchange and its coordinators.

photo 13
Pidzamche Board Game: urban development training in a form of a game.

photo 14
In the evening the music part started. Lemko Bluegrass Band performing for neighbours.

The following day, September 7th, was even more intense for neighbours. Apart from the continuation of yesterday’s workshop on screen-printing, family zines, guided tour, sport and other interesting things, there was even more music, and the program was enriched by Pidzamche Cooking Contest.

Photo 15
The guided tour on Pidzamche.

Photo 17
Cooking contest participant.

photo 16
 Interactive presentation of the publishing house located at Pidzamche.

Photo 18
Sentiment Orchestra and Maria Kopytchak performing retro-romances for Pidzamche audience.

Photo 19
Voices of the City – an interactive audio-platform, provided for the Festival by the Center for Urban History (Lviv).

Photo 20
Workshop on Pidzamche Revitalization Program led by the City Institute team (Lviv).Photo 21
An audience for the concert.

photo 22
Active listeners.

You’ll find more here at the project Facebook page.

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