Sixth Lecture from Dzestra

The sixth lecture of ‘Dzestra Talks’ took place on the 30th of August at the courtyard of the dwelling house at Ivana Franka street. It was the first time we managed to place our event in a full courtyard,  which was something we hoped to do from the very beginning. We met a very agressive reaction of one of the landowners of this dwelling house, who told us to get out of his territory and threatened to tear off our posters from the walls. But the people and media started to arrive 15 minutes before the lecture and there were so many of them that then he didn’t dare to interrupt our event.


The lecturer Michael Schur is an artistic alter-ego of Kyiv-based journalist Roman Vintoniv. Schur is claimed to be a member of Ukrainian diaspora in Canada. He is a correspondent of a TV-channel “UT-Toronto” who moved to Ukraine in 2012. Recently he’s been working on the Hromadske.tb, mocking on politicians in his talk-show.

Michael’s lecture was about ways and means of co-operation with neighbours. He told that it is something he’s been interested in for some time and actually he didn’t come to give us answers but rather to hear from us about how can we co-operate. The meeting was very interactive, so for about an hour and a half we spoke about this topic. From people’s feedback we learned that some of them were disappointed that Michael didn’t turn his lecture into a stand-up show, as some had expected.


There were approximately 60 people present at the lecture. This was a very diverse audience and a lot of them were present at Dzestra Talks for the first and only time. Obviously they were attracted by Michael’s popularity.

Here’s an example of his public character…

And here’s his presentation for ‘Dzestra Talks’ in full (in Ukrainian).

This talk attracted a good deal of media interest. Here’s some example:

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