Fifth Lecture from Dzestra

The fifth lecture of our series of ‘Dzestra Talks‘ took place on the 16th of August at the Sweet Art Gallery. The lecturers, Nadiya Parfan and Illia Gladshtein joined us from Kyiv, although Nadiya is originally from Ivano-Frankivsk. Nadiya is a researcher of culture, urbanist and feminist. Together with Illia she has been involved with organising a festival of cinema and urbanism in April this year. She has also been working on some of the biggest movie festivals in Kyiv over the past few years.

Nadiya and Illia came to tell us how to conduct a festival and not to fail. They started from presenting their own experience with the “86” festival, which was the first one which they implemented on their own. They told about their negotiations with the municipal authorities of Slavutych –  which is a very special city, built after Chornobyl to inhabit people from Chornobyl there. It was devised by architects from different Soviet Republics at that time, which is why there are Armenian or Latvian districts that resemble the architecture of these countries. The festival was thematically connected to the topics of city planning and energetics, which was emphasised by the place and time of the festival – it was conducted during the time of Chornobyl commemoration.

Nadiya and Illia also shared their ideas about how many people should work for a festival, what their roles should be and how to built a productive and horizontal system of administration.

There were approximately 40 people present at the lecture; they were either visitors of different festivals or the ones who are conducting some festivals on their own.

You can view the full presentation here (in Ukrainian): 


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