The Tastes of Pidzamche

Olha Kotska and Anna Khvyl update us on progress:

From the middle of August at Iota Initiative for our project we are starting weekly meetings focused on Pidzamche cuisine. We’ve agreed with residents that for every time some of them will prepare a special or very usual dish. Then during meetings we will talk about stories connected to food and neighborhood traditions. Also we will think over menu for the festival. We’ll collect best recipes and include them into the final publication, so you also will have chance to taste Pidzamche wherever you are!


Looking ahead, on 26th and 27th of August, professional and amateur artists will come together with Pidzamche residents to design the location of the Festival – the courtyard of the School №20, one of the oldest school in Lviv. Director of the school, Natalia Andrijivna, warmly welcomed us and confirmed that this space is already used by a lot of residents as open public space. Young mothers come with their children, teenagers spend here spare time, some neighbours even organise picnics here.

The program of 2-day workshops in decoration is very diverse. Nata Mysak, young architect from Urban Movement “Lypneva” will help to organize the space with different zones (workshop, music, screenings, etc.). Nikita Viska and his colleagues will lead the street-art workshop for teenagers. Together they will prepare stencils, to decorate during the festival one of the courtyard’s walls. Pidzamche residents, Olha and Tetiana, volunteered to organise the workshop of making garlands in different shapes and forms. Last but not the least, Katia Pankiv from Art Studio “Zhovti Nozhytsi” will help us to prepare hand-made invitation to the Festival for our VIP guests and participants.

Then, on the 30th-31st of August, in cooperation with the International Documentary Human Rights Film Festival DOCUDAYS UA there will be an open air film screenings organized. For the first day Pidzamche residents and other lvivians will have chance to watch “A Diary of a Journey” by Polish film director Piotr Stasik and Ukrainian documentary series “New Heroes” by Roman Bondarchuk. The second day screening will show “Euromaidan – The Rough Cut”, documentary shorts series based on last winter events in Ukraine.

And, finally, here you will find our co-ordinators making a video invitation for musicians, artists and residents to take part in the preparations for the First Pidzamche Neighborhood Festival!

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