More news from the projects in the Ukraine…

The second lecture of the Dzestra Talks project took place on the 28th of June. The lecturer, Oleksandr Suprunets, arrived from Kyiv.  We planned to conduct the lecture in the courtyard of the dwelling house, which is located in the historical centre of Chernivtsi and is very picturesque. We informed the city authorities and the dwellers about our meeting. However, when we arrived at the place on the day of the lecture, one of the dwellers was against it. So we moved into another courtyard, which is filled with commercial premises. Approximately 40 people attended the lecture.


Oleksandr is a social innovator and editor of the Big Idea media platform. He shared his experience as the coordinator of the Spil’nokosht project, which is Ukrainian platform for crowdfunding. He told about the most successful and least successful ideas, that searched money through  Spil’nokosht. Oleksandr shared his view on the idea of crowdfunding and why it is still not very popular among the Ukrainians. The participants were very active and asked many questiones, especially the ones that concerned their own ideas, which they wanted to proceed to Spil’nokosht. After the lecture we held an informal meeting with Oleksandr.

You can view the presentation here: and photo documentation on this flickr page:

The project has received good local media coverage. You can view one example here:



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