Final Notes

The local workshops in Tbilisi, Lviv and Minsk are now complete. Thank you to all participants, trainers, and local organisers for all your work, effort and enthusiasm.

To remind everyone:
The full details of the grant competition for local projects in the three countries will be announced by the end of January 2014. They will be posted on this blog, as well as emailed to participants. The deadlines and decision making process will be shortly thereafter, as the projects need to be realised between April and the end of October 2014.  Promptly submit the proposal you have been working on and we will be in contact with you to discuss it before we make a final decision. Good luck!

Again, we stress that it can be a small tightly defined project, or it can be the first phase (or pilot) of a larger project, but we want to see concrete and realisable proposals within the timeframe and budget.

Warm Regards, Weronika, Agnieszka, Brendan.

2Last day in Tbilisi: our team are clearly discussing ‘Planning an effective project budget’. (Photo by Krystof Czyzewski.)

And thanks to the Adam Mickiewicz Institute for their support towards the research element of the Borderland trip to Georgia – visits to local organisations and projects which were either linked to the summer academy, or whom have an interest in future co-operation and project development.


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