Participation – Park Gallery

The second Wednesday session with Jean Pierre and Ania focused on the preparation of presentations of their projects – as part of the ‘Park Gallery’. Participants would present their project on a single flip chart sheet – just points, examples, clear messages, drawings – providing  the following information:

1. Name, Country, Title.
2. What has been improved in your project through these sessions? (For you, personally and professionally).
3. Have you discovered any new things for your project?
4. What question marks do you still have about your project?

This was an opportunity for everyone to view the material and discuss in the open air. The groups had 60 minutes to prepare. At 1 pm they would present back in the open air with explanations to workshop leaders.


Following this presentation, later in the afternoon, ‘Eurovision Voting’ took place. Participants chose three projects to give their one, two or three points to. Votes were counted and the six projects with the most votes would make a final ten minute presentation starting at 7 pm.


Chris reminded everyone that whoever came out on top did so because of the help and input of others throughout the summer school, strengthening and focusing their project idea. But it was also a reality check – even though your project receives just a few votes and may be still excellent, it says something about the way you have presented it back to the others. It says something about your presence, your persuasiveness, your presentation of information, your motivation, how attentive you have been this week. And this is what it is like in the real world, outside the summer school.


Six final presentations were made by Data Chigolashvili, Tbilisi (Travelling Foodways -Tbilisi Migrant Stories); Valentyna Zalevska, Lviv (Bike and Cinema Festival); Dmitriy Anatolievich Zubenko, Dnipropetrovsk (100 initiatives for public space); Sophio Elizbarashvili, Tbilisi (Disability Access to Cultural Institutions); Krzysztof Sienkiewicz (Ghosts of the East); Miłosz Zieliński (Lviv-Lublin City Exchange).



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