Competition announced…

On behalf of the Borderland School 2013-2014, we are pleased to announce the opening of the Competition for Best Bridge-building Initiatives in Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine.

The international training programme for leaders of integrative activities in multicultural communities was initiated by the Borderland Foundation, Poland, and the second edition was held at Krasnogruda in August, 2013 with 32 participants. Follow up local workshops were held in the autumn in Minsk, Lviv and Tbilisi – all of which is documented on this blog.

We now welcome participants of the summer school and local workshops to apply for this competition. The main aim of the competition is to support social and cultural initiatives that were developed by the participants. Our purpose is to offer the participants of the Borderland School programme an opportunity to implement the skills, knowledge and tools of educational and social work in the communities they work in on an everyday basis – putting their learning into practice in a concrete way.

Our criteria for the projects is that they must support democratic purposes that address issues of social integration; build social dialogue with communities at the local level; be activities undertaken in the field of culture and for the benefit of independent culture. We are looking for projects which offer innovative activities and advocacy in the fields of intercultural dialogue, non-formal education, social integration and independent media for social change; and which can support the development of civic organisations engaging with young people.

Applications must be received by the deadline of the 17th of March 2014 for assessment. Activities must be delivered between April and October, 2014, and include a final event/activity (presentation, performance, exhibition etc.) with the participation of project participants and the local community, during which a presentation/summary of the results of the project will shared.

Representatives from the selected projects will gather for training and support sessions at Krasnogruda in early May.

If you need further details (or have not received the application forms) please email Agnieska and Weronika at: